Dynamic Yoga
Dynamic Yoga class is a non-dogmatic, open-minded approach to Yoga asana practice in a vinyasa form. Laura’s Dynamic Yoga sessions are an ongoing exploration of the essential forms of asana practice, providing notes on physical alignment, holding emphasis on pranayam practice (breath regulation) and observing other limbs of yoga philosophy such as meditation, compassion and kindness.
In this Dynamic Yoga practice students learn how Yoga works as a healing and self-empowering tool, the sequences bring strength and stability to the body, calm the mind and develop self-awareness.
All Levels: Saturday | 9 am | Hybrid Class


Restorative Yoga
Life can be challenging, right? -Restorative Yoga is a magnificent practice that will help you get grounded, regulate stress and achieve well-deserved relaxation. During a Restorative Yoga session you will go over a series of deliciously slow-paced asana flow that nurtures the body with passive and gentle engagement of muscle groups, accompanied by soothing pranayama (breath practice) to calm the mind. Perfect for the end of the day.
Laura encourages students to embrace Restorative Yoga as a tool to achieve a sense of wholeness, finding love, kindness and compassion towards oneself.
All Levels: Monday | 7 pm | Hybrid Class


Combo Class
The Best of two worlds! Ignite your Super Powers Activate with 30 minutes of Strength Training, followed by another 30 minutes of soothing and fabulously gentle Restorative Yoga.
All Levels: Wednesday | 6 pm | Hybrid Class


Asana Lab
This weekly mini-lab is for Yoga lovers of all levels. These asana lab sessions will enhance your personal practice by dissecting in detail the “how to” for various asanas, understanding Drishti points, application of Bandhas and the Pranayama relationship.
*Participants are required to attend Dynamic Yoga class in order to join the asana lab. Lab content is related to what was presented during Dynamic Yoga class.
All Levels: Saturday | 10:15 am | In-person Class


Yoga Workshops: Partner Yoga, Thai Yoga for Home, Pranayama for Self-Improvement, Moon Salutations, EFT Tapping and Pranayama, Sun Salutations for Beginners

Laura Armenta has been a devoted Yogini since 1991 understanding that Yoga is the process by which a person improves oneself, finds connection with oneself and attains self-realization. She believes it is important her students learn, acknowledge and respect Yoga as an indigenous discipline and philosophy from India.

She is an experienced and certified Yoga teacher, Thai-Yoga Therapy practitioner, Ayurveda Consultant. Since 2015 she has been a mindfulness and guided meditation coach, a holistic lifestyle management coach and she is the founder and creative director of Armentality Movement Arts Center. Laura continues to study the classical schools of yoga; Jnana (the path of knowledge), Bhakti (the path of devotion), Karma (the path of action), Raja (the path of meditation) and Hatha.

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