Full Moon and Tarot Workshop
Join us for an enchanting evening under the mystical light of this September’s Full Moon at our Full Moon and Tarot Workshop. This in-person event is a unique opportunity to explore the ancient art of tarot reading while harnessing the powerful energy of the full moon.
A unique collaboration: Join Tarot card maker and reader Debbie Hoskins and choreographer, performer and yogini Laura Armenta at Armentality Movement Arts Center, a charming location that sets the perfect ambiance for an immersive and enlightening experience.
During the workshop, our expert tarot reader will share history, intricacies and culture of tarot and help you unlock their hidden meanings.
Based on the collective tarot symbolism we will have interactive discussions and explore spontaneous somatic movement.
Embrace the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange experiences, and tap into the collective wisdom of the group. As the full moon illuminates the night sky, we will create a magical atmosphere where intuition and self-discovery flourish.
Don’t miss out on this captivating event!
Reserve your spot now and embark on a transformative journey through the realm of tarot.

Thursday, Sept. 28 | 6pm


The Power of Awareness, Acceptance, Love and Compassion begins within!
The Power of Awareness, Acceptance, Love and Compassion begins within!
The NEW Mindfulness Monday Sessions are a rotation between Guided Meditation and EFT Tapping.
We can all use some time to slow down a bit, connect with one another and find strength within our vulnerability.
These sessions are great to handle Monday!
Each session will have a different focus theme to purposely observe current feelings, self-acceptance status and create mindful ways to reset thoughts, believes and self-imposed restrictions.
Through mindfulness we learn to be more intensional and develop awareness of self, surroundings and relationships. Mindfulness also helps us to have more clarity of our desires and needs. All Mindfulness Monday Sessions are at 11 am

– All Mindfulness Monday Sessions are Online at 11 am EST

Monday, October 2 | 11 amEST


Laura Armenta is a professional Choreographer, performer, and yogini with over three decades of experience. She will guide you into this lovely session of Movement Improvisation Open for all bodies and everybody.

Organik Flow Movement Lab Sessions provide a lovely fusion of soothing energy and physical restoration.
They are a soulful expression, sensory and mindful breathing, as well as and spontaneous movement with natural flow, personal exploration and collective connection.
Plan on wearing layers, bring socks and water.
Remove jewelry and refrain from wearing perfume or heavy scents. 

Thursday, Oct. 5 | 6pm


Join us for an exciting and rejuvenating Partner Yoga Workshop! This in-person event is the perfect opportunity to deepen your yoga practice while connecting with others in a fun and interactive way.
During this workshop, you will learn various partner yoga poses and sequences that promote trust, communication, and balance. Whether you come with a friend, partner, or on your own, you’ll have the chance to meet new people and create meaningful connections. – No prior yoga experience is necessary to participate in this workshop.
Partner yoga is a fantastic way to deepen your practice, build strength, and enhance flexibility. It’s also a great opportunity to have some laughs and enjoy the supportive energy of a group setting.
This workshop is not exclusive for spouses or significant others, sharing your practice and learning healing techniques can be an experience shared with parents, good friends, co-workers if you are a nurse or care-giver. If you do not have a partner, NO worries, many others will show up alone as well. Just let us know ahead of time.
Don’t miss out on this unique and exciting event! Grab your yoga mat and join us for an evening of connection, relaxation, and exploration.
Wear clothing layers, as it will be easier to peel off as needed. Each participant needs their own yoga mat and a strap. Bring water and be ready to move your body barefoot.

Sunday, October 8 | 12:00pm


Give yourself the opportunity to celebrate your fabulousness!
Yes! it is Jazz, but it is sexy. Yes! there is sass, but it is still technical. Learn a unique choreography focused on sensual, vivacious and energetic groove.
All super dance powers combined. Let professional choreographer and creative director Laura Armenta show you how to get grooving.  Boost your self-confidence, get ready to learn awesome footwork, pops and spins and truly feel that self-empowerment kicking in.
*A dance foundation is required to attend this workshop.

Thursday, Oct. 12 | 6pm


This workshop will give you a great foundation and understanding to these amazing empowering techniques: Pranayama (breathing techniques or breath control) and EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique).
What is Pranayama? Pranayama is a relevant component of Yoga discipline. It is actually the fourth “limb” of the eight limbs of Hatha Yoga, which all yoga practitioners learn at their practice initiation. Pranayama and asana’s origin can be traced to Northern India over 5,000 years ago, both disciplines are mentioned in the ancient sacred texts called the Rig Veda. The Vedas are a set of four ancient sacred texts written in Sanskrit.
An easy dissection of Pranayama is: Prana is the vital energy, our breath. Yama is control or regulation.
In this workshop you will be introduced to the amazing Benefits of Pranayama practice, specifically the Pranayama techniques that can be used along your EFT Tapping practice

Psychological benefits of Pranayama practice include: improved emotional responses, fatigue, stress, and reduced stress and anxiety. Stimulates the activations of mindfulness and being present.
Physical Benefits Pranayama practice include: improves sleep quality, reduces high blood pressure, improves lung function, energizes brain cells, enhances cognitive performance/brain function and can even help reduce cravings.

EFT Tapping
EFT Tapping is a mind-body therapy that draws on the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practice of acupuncture, and it is used today as a self-help approach in modern psychology. It involves tapping key acupressure points (acupoints) on the hands, face, and body with your fingertips while focusing on uncomfortable feelings or concerns. In this workshop we also use affirmations to “analyze” and/or neutralize those feelings.
The way EFT Tapping is used today was developed by engineer Gary Craig in the 1990s and is largely inspired by the work of clinical psychologist Roger Callahan, PhD. Craig’s process describes how to tap through different points while saying a particular statement, tuning people into what they are feeling.

The Purpose of Tapping – EFT is to release stressful thoughts or sensations as well as to bring clarity to ruminating emotions. The concept is that we are not confined or defined by our emotions, rather they are a way to express ourselves and experience life.
Chronic sadness, anger, guilt, fear and addiction are the result from building, storing, and repeating emotional patterns created by an initial event (usually in childhood) and intensified by other experiences.

This introduction to EFT Tapping workshop will help you tap your worries away, find the cause, release your attachment from the initial response, remove the burden of carrying an emotional pattern that does not help you, and unstick yourself from the past.
Expectations: Tapping involves physically tapping fingers on specific points on the body while saying and repeating phrases until a change is noticed.
Participants will learn and practice a sequence of specific points and phrases that can be applied to any issue. There will be an opportunity for participants to suggest specific issues to “tap on” during the workshop.
A regular EFT Tapping practice helps resolve ruminating insecurities and relieve everyday stress and anxiety. It also assists diminishing PTSD symptoms and improves performance.

Thursday, November 2 | 6:00pm


Channel some fabulous Lunar energy.  This cool and relaxing workshop is perfect just ahead of the June’s New Moon
You probably are familiar with Surya Namaskar, but how often have you practiced Chandra Namaskar? In order to get some nice energetic balance addint Moon Salutation to your ongoing practice can provide a gentle stimulation to the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. Chandra Namaskar also stretches and strengthens the spine, hamstrings, backs of legs and stomach muscles. 

Come flow with devote Yogini Laura Armenta and enjoy an evening of collective feminine energy.

Sunday, November 12| 12:00pm

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