We are proud to offer premium education with a variety of movement disciplines since 1998.
Yoga, Technique Dance, Fitness and World Dance.
Awareness, connection, mindfulness. Sharing the Love!


Get your Bollywood fix, enjoy this unique dance class to get a cultural workout, stimulate your brain and burn some calories. Enjoy Indian musical rhythms in this festive, colorful and feminine experience. Beginners welcome!
Bollywood Dance is the “always happy” dance for everyone!
Wed. Nov. 20 / 7:15p
Wed. Dec. 18 / 7:15p
Wed. Jan. 22 / 7:15p
Wed. Feb. 12 / 7:15p


Be natural, be free, and be ready to explore and restore!
We’ll face our rage, joy, frustration, grief, all of our emotions — and transmuting them into creativity, healing, and action.
We will guide you through a gentle somatic movement system to discover a self-lead and spontaneous corporal expression.
Developing mindfulness, consciousness of breath, and motion-meditation. This lab is healing and grounding once you enter with an open heart and open mind, we will share not only the space, but also timing, creativity and emotion.
Come experience the restorative side of physical expression, and the empowering feeling of vulnerability in motion.
Wear comfortable clothing, bring layers and socks. Please refrain from wearing perfume and jewelry.
This class is open to absolutely everyone, dancers, acrobats, yoginis, actors and movement lovers with NO dance experience.
* Armentality Members receive 15% Off
Wed. Nov. 13 / 6:0p / $20 

Confidence, Empowerment and Self-Love!
All that and more will be delivered in this awesome SEXY Dance Workshop.
NO Need for props or high heels! We will show you how to move with confidence and empower your senses. Yeah!
Being sensual is a beautiful thing! We have the best choreography to sexy tunes! For you, for your romantic partner, or just because. Come dance to some Yummy moves and rock the sexy expressions!
Come get your ARMENTALITY On!

Thurs. Dec. 5 / 6:00p
Thurs. Jan. 9 / 6:00p

Attention moms and daughters… and friends from all generations! This is perfect for you that want to be open to connect.
Spring into this fabulous exploration of movement with a touch of imagination, beautiful self-lead movement / improvisation. Plus, energizing music, and a perfect round of mindfulness.
Connect with your body and with one another, discover how simplicity can be meaningful, and share a spectacular intergenerational fun moment. All Generations are WELCOME!
Date: Sun. Sept. 22 / 2:30p

$20 per Mom/daughter or any friendly pair.


ORIGINS – Dance Yoga by Armentality
Joyful and mystical, energetic and meditative. This workshop is a creative form of movement, combining yoga and expressive free dance as a means of power-charge your body and mind. We will flow with easy dance steps and traditional asanas, exploring the Yoga – Dance ancient and esoteric connection with conscious breath. Recommended for movers of all levels.
Dates: Thurs. Oct. 23 / 7:15p

This is truly a nice and easy workshop. Add some Caribbean flavor to your week! Come shake your shoulders, and swing your hips with these basic, but so delicious moves. Learn freestyle and partner Salsa Dancing, and get a good grasp on the culture and rhythm. Singles, couples, and everyone is welcome to this introduction to Cuban Salsa. No previous dance training needed.

Thurs. Nov. 7 / 6:00p
Thurs. Nov. 21 / 6:00pm

Everyone is welcome! Be ready to transform yourself with this physical conditioning program, which incorporating strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and endurance training.In body, breath and mind we preserve the physical conditioning method of Joseph and Clara Pilates. These classes are based on Ron Fletcher’s teachings and interpretation, that leads the practitioner into the physical transformation that brings strength, balance and grace. Develop awareness and efficient body mechanics, experience posture/ alignment improvement, and overall body balance.
* Classes taught by certified instructor, dancer & choreographer Kara Madden
Friday, Nov. 1, 15 & 22

A healthy, playful, and life-affirming practice to share the love for YOGA! Learn to adapt and perform in-depth postures with support and trust. Experience a variety of partner yoga forms including: Partner-assisted restorative Yoga, Basic Acro-Yoga, Contact Yoga and Tha-Yoga therapy basics. Develop connection through co-meditations and partner breath work. This program is suitable for absolutely everyone, from experienced practitioners to complete beginners. No worries if you not have a partner, class is open to everyone interested on exploring Yoga

Thurs. Dec. 12 / 6:00p
Thurs. Jan. 16 / 6:00p
Thurs. Feb. 13 / 6:00p


ROOFTOP Salsa & Bachata
The Ultimate Urban Adventure! Dance to awesome Salsa and Bachata Dance Jams on the rooftop. Add a some Caribbean Flavor to your week!
Come and swing your hips with these basic, but so delicious moves.
Get some rhythmically sensual, and even romantic new moves down.
What we love more about these dance styles, is the fact that you work your legs, butt and your obliques like there is no tomorrow. Yeah!
Come by yourself, or inspire someone!


Nice and Easy! This is a fabulous INTRO to Armentality’s Dance Program. Come get a taste of our vast menu of dance options.
Get out of the cold and come DANCE a medley jam of Sexy Dance, Oriental Dance, Kizomba, Azonto, Bollywood and more!
NO dance experience necessary. Just come groove with us!
Laura Armenta is trained in multiple dance forms from Contemporary to Middle Eastern and back. Do not miss the chance to taste this jam!
Sun. Feb. 16, 2020 / 2:00pm
$10 / Cash only!