Thai-Yoga and Yoga Therapy Seminar

Spring into action and supercharge your health like a boss!
Looking to unleash new levels of wellness? Try blending ancient wisdom with modern techniques and watch the magic unfold!
With Thai-Yoga and Yoga Therapy, you’ll have a power-packed combo of physical and mental goodness that’ll rock your world. These holistic practices have been around for ages and can transform your well-being like nothing else!

Seminar Content
Introduction to Thai Yoga and Yoga Therapy
Brief history and origins. The philosophy and principles behind Thai Yoga and Yoga Therapy
Basic Concepts of Yoga Therapy
Understanding the mind-body connection, The role of prana (life force) and chakras, The concept of balance in yoga therapy
Traditional Thai Yoga
Origins and history of Thai massage, Techniques and stretches used in Thai massage. Benefits + Laura Armenta’s Own method.
Yoga Therapy Techniques
Asanas (Yoga postures) for specific health issues, Pranayama (Breath control) for healing, Meditation and mindfulness in yoga therapy
Common Ailments and Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy for stress and anxiety, Yoga therapy for back pain and posture improvement, Yoga therapy for digestive disorders, Yoga therapy for chronic conditions (e.g., arthritis, diabetes)
The Role of Nutrition in Yoga Therapy
Ayurvedic principles of nutrition, How diet can support healing and balance
Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle
Incorporating yogic principles into daily life. The eight limbs of yoga, The importance of self-care
Practical Demonstrations and Hands-on Practice
Live demonstrations of Thai Yoga Massage techniques, Guided yoga therapy samples

Thursday, May 16 | 6:00 pm

About Laura Armenta
For nearly four decades, Laura Armenta has been on a mission to sprinkle her magic across the wellness world. She’s a yoga guru, Thai yoga therapy whizz, somatic movement maestro, and kinesiological analysis ninja! That’s not all, though. She’s also a mindfulness consultant, choreography superstar, ethnochoreology expert, and performing artist!
The icing on the cake is that she’s the mastermind behind the Armentality Movement Arts Center, where she unleashes her creativity and helps others discover their inner artist.