Seven Weeks of Belly Dancing – The Beginner Immersion

This dance immersion caters to both complete beginners and those with a light foundation in dance. You’ll learn about the cultural significance of this ancient and beautiful dance form, as well as some exciting moves such as shimmying, shaking, and sashaying like a true diva. Get ready to impress, have a blast, and leave everyone speechless!
This beginner belly dance immersion is offered twice a year, during Winter and Autumn seasons. Be sure to save your spot and invite a friend to share in this empowering experience.

Dates: Autumn 2024 | September 10 to October 22
Day/Time: Tuesday at 6:30 pm
Level: Beginner

What to expect:

Cultural Exploration: Learn about the historical and cultural aspects of West Asian and North African dance styles, which will provide context and understanding for your belly dancing journey.

Technique Development: The program covers essential techniques, including basic arm and footwork sequences, as well as correct posture and mindful breathing. Additionally, you’ll be introduced to torso and hip isolations, various shimmy options, and “layering” combinations which are fundamental elements of belly dancing.

Body Awareness and Confidence: The classes aim to help you develop body awareness and self-confidence in a judgment-free and welcoming community. Belly dancing is not just a physical activity; it’s also about embracing your body and expressing yourself through movement.

“Seven Weeks of Belly Dancing” – The Beginner Immersion is not just about learning the dance; it’s also about immersing yourself in the culture and building confidence in a supportive community. A fantastic opportunity for beginners to dive into the world of belly dancing, guided by an experienced and passionate instructor.

Tuition Options
Early Bird Rate: $146 – ENDS on July 31
* $157 Seven Week Full Program
* $30 Drop-In
* Create Your Armentality VIP Membership

About Laura Armenta:

Laura Armenta is a highly accomplished and diverse performing artist with a rich and varied background in dance and movement. She was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, and has built an impressive international career in the world of dance. With over three decades of professional experience, she has established herself as a choreographer, performer, movement educator, and producer.
One of the remarkable aspects of Laura’s career is her extensive and diverse dance education. She has trained in various dance styles, including contemporary dance and other concert dance forms, West Asian and North African Dance, West African Dance, Bharatanatyam and Kathak Indian Dance, as well as Afro-Caribbean dance styles, among others. This diverse training has undoubtedly enriched her artistic vocabulary and allowed her to incorporate a wide range of influences into her work.
In addition to her expertise in dance, Laura is also a dedicated yogini and Yoga teacher. Her training in various somatic movement disciplines further enhances her understanding of the body and movement, which she can share with her students and incorporate into her choreography and performances.
As the founder and creative director of the Armentality Movement Arts Center, Laura Armenta has created a platform where she can share her wealth of knowledge and passion for belly dancing. Her classes and artistic direction at the center are likely to be influenced by her diverse background, offering a unique and holistic approach to the art of belly dancing. Laura’s international career and extensive training make her a notable figure in the world of dance and movement arts.