Armentality Movement Arts Center’s International Dance Day Celebration 2024

Our full-day celebration will feature engaging workshops designed for all participants to acquire new dance techniques, foster connections with fellow dance aficionados, and enjoy captivating performances by Laura Armenta Dance Company and guest artist Archana Madhukar Sardar.
Jump into a diverse array of dance styles from across the globe, learning, experiencing, and witnessing the artistry firsthand. Bring your enthusiasm and vitality as we embark on a journey through the dynamic realm of dance.
Whether you are a seasoned dancer or someone who delights in moving to the rhythm, our goal is to provide something for everyone at this event. It presents an opportunity to embrace the universal language of dance and come together through the unifying power of movement.
Reserve your spot at this remarkable celebration. We eagerly anticipate dancing the night away with you!

Workshop Schedule

Importance of Floor Time for Babies
I’m sure you’ve heard about tummy time, but what is floor time? And why is tummy time and floor time important for our baby’s development? 
Come learn why tummy time is important and how you can implement it in a variety of fun ways. We will also discuss what floor time is and how that can support your baby’s development and you’ll see why floor time is more than just tummy time!

Ages: 3 months to pre-walking
Instructor: Regina Lum-Witkoske owner & founder of Little Feet: Movement for Developing Minds
10am / $10


Bachata Dancing
Join us for a vibrant journey into the world of Bachata! In this introductory dance class, you’ll immerse yourself in the seductive rhythms and graceful movements of this beloved dance style. Get the super basics with easy-to-follow steps and engaging choreography. Connect with the music, express yourself through fluid and elegant motions, and ignite your passion for dance. No partner or prior experience required – just come with an open heart and a desire to move!
Instructor: Laura Armenta
10:45am / $12


Salsa Dancing
The perfect beginner-friendly dance class! Catch the basics: fundamental footwork, infectious beats, stylish moves that will have you salsa-ing with confidence in no time, plus enjoy spicy rhythms.
No partner or prior experience necessary – just bring your enthusiasm and let the music guide you on a journey of rhythm, connection, and pure joy.
Instructor: Laura Armenta
11:30am / $12


Movement: The Gateway to Learning
In the first four years of life, sensorimotor and social development precedes language and logic skills. This early foundation of motor development gives a child their body intelligence. A coordinated, well-balanced body supports the child’s ease in higher-level learning and adds joy to their life. Organized motor skills underlie attention to task, inhibitory control, and working memory – all the keys to executive function, which is the gateway to learning!
In this workshop, you will learn why movement is important and how you can support your child’s development through movement. There will be a good mix of theory and practice in this workshop, so come prepared to move and dance!
Ages: Walking – 4
Instructor: Regina Lum-Witkoske owner & founder of Little Feet: Movement for Developing Minds
4:30pm / $10


Belly Dancing
Discover the ancient art form that celebrates femininity, grace, and self-expression through captivating movements and rhythms. Beginner-friendly Raqs Sharqui (belly dancing) workshop will introduce you to the fundamental techniques of belly dance, including isolations, shimmies, and undulations, while fostering body awareness and confidence.
This is the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner goddess as you shimmy, sway, and sparkle your way through this empowering and uplifting experience!
Instructor: Laura Armenta
5:00pm / $12


Bollywood Dancing
Experience the Bollywood magic in our vibrant and energetic basic workshop. Transport yourself to Indian films as we explore the colorful world of Bollywood dance. Led by passionate and knowledgeable instructor Archana Madhukar Sardar, this introductory Bollywood session will take you on a rhythmic journey through iconic moves, fusion steps, and expressive gestures that capture the essence of Indian cinema.
Ignite your inner Bollywood star and express yourself through dynamic choreography and infectious beats. No prior experience required – just come with a spirit of adventure, and get ready to groove to the pulsating rhythms of Bollywood!
Instructor: Archana Madhukar Sardar
5:45pm / $12

International Dance Day Celebration PERFORMANCE

Featuring Performances by Laura Armenta Dance Company and guest artist Archana Madhukar Sardar.

Armentality Movement Arts Center
Monday, April 29 | 7pm
$17 Online
$20 at the door