Discovery Nuad Boran Workshop

Seeking a significant boost to your well-being? Immerse yourself in a blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques for a truly transformative experience!
Discover Nuad Boran, or Thai-Yoga Therapy, a powerful fusion of physical and mental well-being practices promising incredible results. These time-honored holistic traditions offer unparalleled benefits for overall health and vitality.

Highlights of the Workshop:
Uncover the origins, philosophy, and core principles of Nuad Boran
Explore Ayurvedic principles woven into the practice
Understand the intricate mind-body connection
Learn essential techniques + Laura Armenta’s unique approach
Recognize the importance of nutrition
Participate in practical demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities
This workshop welcomes all individuals looking to improve their well-being.

Sunday, October 6 | 11:00am

About Laura Armenta
For nearly four decades, Laura Armenta has committed herself to creating a significant influence in the fields of Performing and Holistic Arts. She is well-known as a choreographer, movement and wellness specialist, and an instructor in yoga, Thai yoga therapy, and somatic movement.
As the founder and artistic director of Armentality Movement Arts Center, Ms. Armenta has established a creative space where she not only showcases her artistic talents but also helps others discover their creative abilities.