Global Femme Dance Class

Explore different cultures from around the world.
Experience their dance forms, and colorful musical rhythms. These dance styles are full of womanliness, empowerment and amazing ancient traditions, plus, you will learn some serious strengthening movements for “all the Femme special areas” and, a great mindfulness approach.
Come dance your heart out, follow along the upbeat drills, be social, be a Global Femme. This is a class OPEN to everyone! All generations, all heights make the jam. No dance experience necessary.
* College Students receive 15% Off
About Laura

October 27 – December 1
Saturday 11:00am
Advance Registration / $79
Drop-In $20

December 8 – December 29
Saturday 11:00am
Advance Registration / $50
Drop-In $20

N E W!!! Global Femme Dance Class MOM & ME Edition

This class is for mothers and daughters (OR any female mentor and a child) to share, enjoy and grow together with the empowering art of dance. Creativity, fun and celebration to the female body through ancient dance forms. No previous dance experience needed. Girl ages 5-10.

November 28 December 19
Wednesday 5:00pm
Advanced Registration/ $70