Full Mighty BodyConditioning

Different from what is available in the “run-of-the-mill” gyms. Full Mighty Conditioning is fun, challenging and never boring. Full Mighty Conditioning group classes are 45 minutes of smart, substantial and intense fitness sequences. Completing an intense workout is highly exhilarating – you may be tired, yet you feel highly energized. This gives you a tremendous self-confidence in the ability to manage your life more effectively regardless of your age. A regular and on-going practice of Full Mighty Conditioning significantly boosts your morale and you feel as if you are a totally new and more dynamic person.
Class atmosphere is supportive, not competitive. We connect with the student to take care of their a individual needs. Full Mighty Conditioning is a great aid for true body control, build strength, maintaining functional balance and create an amazing core power. Just what all women need to prevent bone density loss. Full Mighty Conditioning is a well-designed class offering a progression of exercises for fitness levels.

Register for our ongoing Classes:
8:30am on Monday & Wednesday
11:30am on Monday / Lunch edition
8:15am on Saturday


FIVE Class Package $49 (Expires Eight weeks from purchase date).
$12 Drop-In