Contemporary Dance
Laura Armenta’s Contemporary Dance class integrates the right amount of challenges for the mind and body. A clever culmination of 37 years of professional experience and movement research – that brings together an adventurous fusion of ballet, various modern techniques, jazz and a great influence from martial arts and other somatic movement disciplines.
In addition to floor work, center exercises and across the floor sequencing – designed to develop physical strength and flexibility, Laura encourages students to play with momentum, weight shifts and connectivity, in order to find freedom, space exploration, self-awareness and adaptability.
Classes also include choreographic inserts, understanding of musicality, theatrical and interpretive elements.

Laura has been a professional dancer, choreographer and educator for over 30 years. She has trained in Graham, Horton and Limon dance techniques as well as Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Butoh dance and Theatrical Arts.

Beginner: Tuesday | 5pm
Workshops: Organik Flow


Belly Dance
Raqs Sharqui known as “Belly Dance” is an ancient dance style from the West Asia and North Africa region. In this class you will focus on technical drills and cool combos that include beautiful torso undulations, expressive arms sequences and vibrant hip movements. You will also learn cultural and historical information about this beautiful and diverse dance style. A consistent Belly Dance practice is great to enhance sensuality, strengthen the physical body, build self-confidence and self-empowerment.

Laura is a professional dancer with vast training and great professional experience in various Dances from around the world. She has been performing and teaching Belly Dance since 1996. In combination with her intuitive yet academic approach to technique, stylisation, multi-cultural background and vivacious personality, belly dance classes with Laura Armenta are always fun, safe and unique.
Whether you see belly dance as a workout or have the desire to become a professional, you can expect both delivered to the highest standards.
Commit to a great investment – Yourself.
Beginner Level: Tuesday | 6:30pm
Workshops: Belly Dance Foundation, Belly Dance Drum Solo, Belly Dance Veil, Belly Dance Fusion


Global Jam
Explore different cultures from around the world! In Global Jam Dance Class you can experience a weekly rotation of dynamic and vibrating musical rhythms while learning awesome footwork and energetic movement from different regions around the world. Laura’s desire is to share the similarities between different cultures, while learning and honoring their differences. Students learn choreographic inserts from dance styles like: Bollywood, Salsa, Khaleeji, Azonto, Kizomba, American-Jazz, African Diaspora Dances and lots more.
‘Dance is a magnificent tool we can all use to understand and connect with one another and celebrate each other.’
Open Level: Saturday | 11 am


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