About Armentality Movement Arts Center

Armentality Movement Arts Center is the achievement of a deep-rooted vision by Founder and Creative Director Laura Armenta to build a multifaceted organization that offers a range of activities in movement and holistic arts.
Established in 1998, Armentality Movement Arts Center has gone through a few name and location changes, and it has fabulously evolved into a thriving creative space with year-round activities. It has served hundreds of students, hosted multiple events and organized collaborations with other organizations.
Founded and directed by an immigrant-minority-woman, at Armentality Movement Arts Center we celebrate diversity and offer inclusion.

A Home for Dance

Laura loves sharing her love for dance with her friends, students and the community. Armentality Movement Arts Center has become a hub for unique dance programs designed for adults of all generations. Ms. Armenta’s primary goal is to promote the beauty and relevance of Contemporary Dance and World Dance. In addition to Laura’s classes, Armentality hosts workshops with multiple guest artists and teachers.

“Alvin Ailey is known for saying and devoutly believing that ‘Dance came from the people and it should always be delivered back to the people’. I agree – and for over three decades I have passionately worked to make it happen”. – Laura Armenta

Holistic Arts for All

Laura has been a devoted holistic practitioner for over three decades, making Armentality Movement Arts Center also a great source to learn mindfulness, self-care, and maintain optimal well being. At Armentality Movement Arts Center you can find decolonized Yoga, Functional Movement and various Wellness Programs.

“I love fostering multigenerational friendships, having dance and movement as common link”. – Laura Armenta


Through its rental program, Armentality serves as an important resource for the artistic community by helping to meet the need for affordable rehearsal space in Grand Rapids.
Armentality also provides reduced rate rentals to nonprofit dance, theater, music, and multimedia artists and companies.
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