Hey, Hey! Dancing boosts memory, increases flexibility and its a fantastic aid on Reducing Stress, as well as an instant “Gain-Confidence Tool. Look and Feel Great, Strengthen Bones and Rock a nice good posture! Yeah!
This is why YOU should Dance!

This is a great opportunity to participate and learn the ABSOLUTE foundation of this ancient dance form, without committing for a whole session.
Known as BellyDancing (although is not the correct term), this feminine dance style is a great discipline to get in top physical shape, toning muscles, endurance, with some awesome cardiovascular challenge and great stimulation to All around! Truly fun all the way!
The social factor is crucial. Women creating a sisterhood bond in a supportive environment. Cool moves, fantastic music and lots of joy!
Enjoy cultural factoids, and receive Armentality Movement Arts Center’s instructional DVD, plus your very own Hip Scarf. Bring home these awesome moves. No experience necessary.
Join us on:
Wednesday, September 2nd