Learning about this blogging way of communicating. I would like to share Armentality’s emotional and positiveness foundation. Armentality is my home, where everyone is welcome! Established in West Michigan since 1998, Armentality is my personal groove translated to movement. This is how we roll:

* I am following my heart and intuition. I am not pushed by my problems. I let my dreams lead the way. Of course I make mistakes, FALL, but, freaking try again!

* I am proud of myself. I have overcome a ton of “stuff” that you lovelies have no clue about. And, I manage to smile and keep on loving.

* I am making a difference. Not only within myself, but I really share the love around. Ask me. You should join me!

* I am growing into the best version of me. If not daily, at least monthly. but, I do hold myself accountable.

* I am happy and big time grateful. I have experienced unconditional love, and unconditional help. It is an awesome blessing.

* I would love to say, I have no regrets, but, I do. If you wan to know…. let’s have Tequila and I’ll tell you!