Make your wedding reception special all the way around, with a wonderful first dance choreography. Learn to really connect with your partner and make your First Dance as Husband and Wife truly romantic!   Everyone can dance! No excuses!
* Plenty of time? We know that wedding planning can be hectic, therefore we encourage you to start your dance practice early. 
* Only have a week to prepare?  Private – express – dance instruction is available.
On either one of the options we will make you look and feel  prepared  and confident for your First Dance as Husband and Wife.  No need to go crazy trying to learn lots of steps and moves, all you have to do is pick a song and we choreograph your Wedding Dance
  + A consultation session is required in advance of your actual instruction session for either option.  
Reserve a Session Today!
     Psst!  Wedding dance lessons are a great gift for the future bride & groom in preparation for their big day – or a wonderful gift for their wedding day.