Contemporary Dance Master Classes with Kaylin Altvater

Kaylin is a professional dancer getting ready to finalize her BFA in Dance from SUNNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance, Purchase, NY.
She has trained Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Composition and Contact / Improvisation from various teachers like Ted Kivitt, Dylan Crossman, Taryn Russell and more.
Ms. Altvater is a Michigan native from Holland, MI. This Summer 2018 she has been teaching at Armentality Movement Arts Center and she has travel to perform and teach internationally, currently training in Germany and planning awesome moves for these Master Classes.
Classes are suitable for professional as well as recreational dancers! If you are an adventurous human, come learn from Ms. Altvater.

Join us for an evening of dance based improvisation where we will explore the fundamentals of human to human contact through semi-structured movement basics. We will focus on what it means to dance as a unit of two or more. Come dance the stress away in a community-building environment! Dancers of any level experience welcome.
Thursday, July 26 / 6:00pm

Join us for an explosive, energetic approach to floorwork in dance! This class will focus on the intention of the body in space as it transitions in and out of the floor. Prepare to work hard and sweat harder! Intermediate/advanced level class.
Thursday, August 2 / 6:00pm

Join us for a contemporary choreography class where we will explore the physical limits of the body within raw movement sequences. We will focus on the inner centering of the body being a base for stability and power in movement. Intermediate/advanced level class.
Thursday, August 9 / 6:00pm


$18 Individual Classes
$45 ALL Three