Let’s erase the misconception! Yoga’s not a “girly” thing!

Father’s Day Yoga Workshop with the Armentality Clan!
Saturday, June 18
Bring the Dads in your circle (spouse, brother, bestie, and beyond).
* Give it a chance, and bring your “Dad-Powers” to this Start Up Jam!
* Men that focus on HardCore strengthening need flexibility to balance it up.
* Ah! We said – Focus – Yes! Because Men need Zen! Quiet the mind and experience mindfulness.
* Plus, a good rocking asana can build muscle too, just give it a try.
Let’s do it!
Saturday, June 18
$10 on Paypal

$15 at the door

Practicing yoga asanas and pranayama require you to have an intimate conversation with your body, and it often takes time just to hear what your body is saying.
Men Love Gadgets, and what a better gadget than your own body!
* Here are some Factoids of Yoga Goodness before your rock out an amazing plank pose or actually feel the shoulder-opening aspect in his first downward dog.
Men suffer of muscle tightness and therefore they are at risk of injury. Guess what! Yoga improves flexibility.
Have you heard that heart disease is the number one killer of men in the U.S.? Yep, stress may affect behaviors and factors that are proven to increase heart disease risk. Guess what! Yoga reduces stress.
Back Pain is a real pain in the behind! Even strong super heroes get achy after the daily hustle. The need to alleviate back pain is real in many men. Guess what! Yoga helps ease back pain.