Contemporary Dance – Level 1

Take your first steps into dance in these informative classes for the complete beginner. Connect mind and body through fluid dance sequences, learn basic expressive movements and various dance techniques that will strengthen and challenge your muscles, by the deliberate use of gravity. Class is performed barefoot. Be creative, adventurous and innovative. Be open to discover! No dance experience necessary! (age 18+) *College Students receive 15% Off
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March 20 – April 17

Tuesday 5:45pm
Advanced Registration/ $65
After March 12 / $75

April 24 – May 22

Tuesday 5:45pm
Advanced Registration/ $65
After April 16 / $75


May 29 – June 26

Tuesday 5:45pm
Advanced Registration/ $65
After May 22 / $75

Contemporary Dance – Foundation Level

Armentality’s Foundation class has gentle flow with technical elements to understand alignment, correct posture on feet and arms. No need to have a dance background at all as we will develop, timing, musicality and space awareness in an easy and fun way.
This class is ideal for complete beginner or for dancers that have trained on other styles like ballet or jazz, but are new to the contemporary technique.
*College Students receive 15% Off
About Laura

April 25 – May 23

Wednesday 7:30pm
Advanced Registration/ $65
After April 18 / $75

Beginners or advanced, we have the class for you. Develop your skills in a friendly and inspiring environment
We are proud to offer Premium education with a variety of movement disciplines. Yoga, Fitness, Concert Dance, Martial Arts Preventive Medicine, Global Culture themes and more!