Bollywood Dance 101 -ChoreographyLab

Dance It Up! From Indian Films to main stream, in dance clubs and fitness classes, Bollywood Dance has become a popular dance style.
Join us for this awesome Spring Workshop and experience festive, colorful and vibrant movement to fabulous upbeat rhythms. Bollywood Dance is the “always happy” dance for Everyone!
Diversity is about ALL of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk, dance, jam through this world -together! Armentality is Diversity in Movement, Diversity in Techniques, welcoming the Richness from ALL of us in Unity.

Bollywood DanceLab – JANUARY
Thursday, January 18
Advance Registration /$30
After January 12 /$45

Bollywood DanceLab -FEBRUARY
Thursday, February 15
Advance Registration /$30
After February 9 /$45

Bollywood DanceLab -MARCH
Thursday, March 15
Advance Registration /$30
After March 9 /$45

Bollywood DanceLab -APRIL
Thursday, April 19
Advance Registration /$30
After April 13 /$45

Bollywood DanceLab -MAY
Thursday, May 17
Advance Registration /$30
After May 11/$45

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Come Dance! Have a great time and Share The Love! Armentality donates to help the amazing programs provided by YWCA of West Central Michigan to assist Domestic Violence Victims.
* I believe in advocacy to help those in need, for almost 20 years I have been devoted to help YWCA Programs and other similar organizations. Thank you for participating and passing the word around your world! Armentality will donate proceeds to the YWCA Empowering Women & Girls Programs. Thank you for helping us promote justice, dignity and safety

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