Laura Armenta
Laura ArmentaOwner/Artistic Director

We are proud to offer Premium education with a variety of movement disciplines. Yoga, Fitness, Concert Dance, Martial Arts Preventive Medicine, Global Culture themes and more!

Armentality is Laura Armenta’s Home!

Where everyone is welcome!

Don’t get lost in the crowd! Armentality is a place where you will find joy, meditation, easy laughter, as well as freedom, strength and friendship! Armentality is Laura Armenta’s passion and love for creative movement and holistic arts.
Armentality turns loose the lifelong training and techniques learned by Laura Armenta to further advance and help YOU better express your own unique essence in class and beyond.

About Laura Armenta

Mexican-born dancer, choreographer, yoga educator, fitness instructor and overall movement expert, as well as holistic practitioner, wellness coach, and entrepreneur. Learn More!

Armentality is an attitude!

Classes, as well as, all of our services at Armentality, are tailored according to YOUR needs in an efficient, yet, non-competitive environment.
We pay attention to each individual with open communication, compassion and must importantly with open heart. Establishing an interactive relationship to assure you enjoy your experience with us.
Happy Faces!